Drive action and excellence with
improved contract management.

Stay on top of contract operations, clause usage, key milestones, consumption levels, and performance metrics.

Custom Dashboard

Monitor contracts that matter to you

Track personal contract action items like approvals, payments, reviews, and more on a personalized dashboard of to-dos. Accelerate contracts and thereby business growth.

Milestone Tracking

Renew contracts on time, negotiate better

Get reminders on upcoming contract renewals and expiries ahead of time to prepare for favorable negotiations and revisions. Plug revenue leakages and project interruptions caused by missed renewals.

Clause Intelligence

Track and improve clause usage

Measure and compare the usage of clauses and fallbacks from your library. Identify scope for improvements in the clause library and strengthen organization-wide compliance.

Consumption Reports

Optimize contract utilization

Keep a tab on the utilization of the contracted values and units in the form of revenue, expenses, purchases, and sales. Use these insights to guide important decisions around growth and partnerships.

Customer & Vendor Insights

Improve business performance

Get insights on vendor performance, and customer satisfaction based on how well the contract commitments are fulfilled and SLAs met. Take corrective actions, negotiate better and improve profitability.

Reimagine contracts & experience
SimpliContract’s AI-powered platform

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SimpliContract has been quick to implement a CLM solution, that is business friendly. With SimpliContract in place, majority of the contracts goes through the platform, making it easy to search & locate key data, streamline approvals, derive insights, and gain visibility across entities.

Partha Sarathy Associate General Counsel, Marlabs