Author stronger and compliant contracts,
with just a few clicks!

Democratize and accelerate contract authoring with standardized templates, automated deviation and version tracking, and dynamic approval workflows.

Guided Request

Activate self-service contract initiation

Help your business users request new contracts in just a few seconds. Use our fully customizable self-service wizard that empowers all your stakeholders to create legally compliant contracts within seconds.

guided request

Deviation & Versioning

Analyze every clause, track every change

Save hours of clause-level comparisons against internal templates using Artificial Intelligence. Automate version tracking and centralize all revisions and comments across stakeholders for future reference.

Workflow & Approval

Get the right approvals at the right time

Let no contract ever slip through the cracks in your approval process. Define your dynamic approval workflow with parameters like contract value, business unit, or even clauses, and monitor all contract approvals centrally.

Template & Clause Library

Convert legal expertise into enterprise playbooks

Create and publish no-brainer contract templates and compliant clauses for every possible scenario and requirement in your enterprise. Save precious hours from attending to basic contract requests.


Huddle together for win-win contracts

Make room for collaborative authoring where every voice gets heard and considered. Save tribal wisdom from getting lost in email trails and chat threads. Increase accountability, bargain better, and celebrate consensus.

Reimagine contracts & experience
SimpliContract’s AI-powered platform

Explore other modules in our end-to-end CLM platform.

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Trusted by industry practitioners

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SimpliContract has been quick to implement a CLM solution, that is business friendly. With SimpliContract in place, majority of the contracts goes through the platform, making it easy to search & locate key data, streamline approvals, derive insights, and gain visibility across entities.

Partha Sarathy Associate General Counsel, Marlabs